Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sunday Stuff

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Clickie clickie. Let's try a cuppa together, shall we? Meg, my fellow triple-shotter, you in?

I got my MixMania! CD yesterday~~it is TEEEEEriffic!
I actually have a pretty good idea who authored this fab mix, and IF perchance I am correct then I know that person will see this mini-review.
Am I allowed to say who I think it is?

The final 22 second track of Mix#1 was an inspired choice and I immediately recognized it. :)
And many of the tracks from Mix#2 in particular are personal favorites of mine.

Thank you for making my first time so special. *wink* You know how I love you.

It amuses me that people who take such pleasure in being such...bullies...who spend their days being nasty and rude to everyone else (in the name of *fun*) can get so bent out of shape over innocent remarks made in jest when they are the subject.
Talk about poster children for arrested development.
I so outgrew the whole emo/teenage angsty thing years ago.
I'm bored with it.

Pity that so many adults never figure out how to get past that.

Is all I'm sayin'.

That is all.
Have a day.
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