Saturday, May 13, 2006


Dear Mr. Kotter,
Please excuse Epstein Monty from blogging this weekend as she has to finish her SBC SURVIVOR Task AND finish up her MixMania! CD.
My Mother

To all you beautiful, talented, wonderful mommies that I love so dearly:

a final thought...

I notice weird stuff...and I noticed that some blogs' regular commenters are almost exclusively women.
Some, like this one, have a fairly even boy/girl mix.

I don't think I've ever run across a blog whose commenters are all (or mostly) men.

Does it mean that women are (finally) taking over the world? (hooooAH!)
(or maybe we just like to chatter)

What about your commenters?
Mostly women, mostly men, or a nice wholesome mix?

**Addendum: After receiving a couple emails regarding the digressionary (no, I don't know if that's a real word or not) portion of yesterday's post, I feel I should clarify.

The only reason I mentioned it is because it struck me as amusing...sort of like a verbal tic in written form.
I never noticed it until I tried to read two week's worth of posts all at once on the blogs I was visiting. Then it stood out.

I never said there was anything wrong with using the phrase "but I digress".

I thought it was funny that I read it so often, but I don't recollect ever hearing it spoken during any conversation I've ever had.

Please smooth out the wad that your panties have gotten into.

Thank you.
That is all.
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