Sunday, January 15, 2006

Voices, I hear voices...part II

Do you ever spend any time imagining what your blog-friend's voices sound like?
Or is that just me?

Now Brian and Jules sound exactly like I imagined them. FTS sounds close, only I supposed he'd have a big Texas drawl, which, in fact, he does not.
I know what my darling MommaK sounds like, from a brief blip of voicemail. Someday we'll actually catch up and have a real conversation.
And Megan sounds as beautiful to my ears as her writing appears to my eyes and heart.
I have spent much time listening to my pretend boyfriend Bob Gentry sing just to me...(seriously, buy some of his music. He's AWESOME! Upside Down is my favorite so far)

At some point or another, I have thought about, wondered, what you sound like.
Just for example...
I imagine that Mikey sounds like he paaaaaahks caaaaaaaahs in the Haaaaaahvaaahd yaaaaaahd.
And maybe this is just name association, but every time my kids watch the movie Hercules and I hear Meg speak, I imagine that's what my Meg sounds like.
The Doctors could confirm or deny this, but in my mind Michele's voice is like warm whiskey wrapped in silk.
And J&JsMom? I know what she looks like, and the matching voice in my head is what a swift, cool breeze on a sunny day would sound like if it could speak.
I imagine that my tenant Angie has a voice full of bubbling laughter.
I imagine Brando has a dreamy, husky voice with just a hint of an accent.
I think Tommy has a clipped, commanding voice, except when he's being appropriately meek at home with Peaches.
I imagine Lu's voice to be as sweet and smooth as honey-soaked velvet.

Those are just a very few random examples.
I've wondered about ALL of you.
One. *she says in her best William Shatner impersonation*

Now, close your eyes for a minute....
What do you think I sound like?

Now, see how close you are:
this is an audio post - click to play

I had trouble with that~it was sort of like talking to an answering machine~you know, your tongue gets tangled and your brain freezes up and you completely lose all ability to speak.
This may be a first-and-last time thing for me.

But you should try it. Fo' reals yo.

My daughter was helping to fold the laundry last evening...
She came into the living room holding a pair of my jeans and said, "These can't be mine or Bubba's, they're TOTALLY HUGE!"

She is so grounded.

Saturday night I watched The Magnificent Seven.
I've said it before and it bears repeating...

Yul Brynner is the reason I find bald guys completely hot.
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