Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stunned, and then amazed.

I would like to thank the gorgeous and vivacious WEBKITTYN for doing the most unexpected thing:
nominating me for BEST MOMMY BLOG in the BoB awards!
I am touched, honored, and surprised.

Thank you, WebKittyn! She's been nominated herself for Biggest Blog Whore, so keep that in mind when voting time rolls around in a week or so!

Oh, and do feel free to go add your choice of nomination, even if it isn't me.
But if it isn't, don't tell me. Let me have my illusions, mkay?
They have other categories as well...go add your two cents!

When I was listening to the weather this morning, the weather-dude said that we were having "freezing fog". This immediately conjured up images of me opening the front door and running into a barrier of ice.

It doesn't really work that way.
Damn. That would've been cool.

Crapola, I forgot to do today's Meme.
I know how saddened you will all be by that information.

Tough ta-tas. I'm sick. Dammit.
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