Saturday, December 10, 2005

I have writer's cramp.

**I am a slumlord again this week~so please do me a little favor and go visit my tenant. Please don't forget to say hello. And don't mention the gigantic sewer rats mice.
RockBitch has faced many challenges and is coming through them quite nicely. She's tough and'll love her!

It's official~I've forgotten how to write.
By hand, I mean.
I was filling out my Christmas cards yesterday...and my hand just wouldn't work properly.
I spend all day at work typing on the computer.
I don't do any handwriting at home...well, not since my daughter learned to make the grocery list for me.

So if you notice any mistakes or cross-outs, that's why.

(my daughter to my brother-in-law's father): "I can speak a little bit of wolf, cat, and some small dog. But not much big dog."
Weird kid.

My week in review:

Sliced my finger open.
Kitchen sink waterline froze.
So did the drain.
Apparently kitchen lines UNfroze at some point during the day...with the tap still on.
Daughter calls at work to tell me kitchen is flooded.
I burned a whole pan of chicken.
My friend Des has already invited me for New Year's Eve~~evidently she is aware that my chances of actually having a date are slim to none.
I ate a big bunch of cookies.
And fudge.

My Year In Review:

A meme.

Go into your archives, and post the FIRST sentence from the FIRST post you made each month.

January: "The world is my oyster...and I can't get the damn thing open." ~aka-monty

February: If I don't get my computer back soon, Ima have to change the name to THE TWICE WEEKLY BITCH.

March: I have long suspected that my house is haunted.

April: "Thou Shalt Not Kill" that's just good sense.

May: But first...smug, smarmy people annoy the piss right out of me.

June: This was meant to be posted prior to the first guest post; however, the Oversight Committee committed an...oversight, as they were on hiatus.

July: Please excuse the prolonged absence.

August: Some people have SOME nerve.

September: One of my all-time favorites from

October: A big shout-out to Meg over at BlogCabin.

November: Yes kiddies, it is time again for that Show of Shows...Flashback Thursday!

December: How do I know the holiday season is upon us?

I am trying to send this to the Meme Graveyard, so I will tag only Brandon, the place where memes go to die.

If you decide to play, please let me know so that I can come and admire your answers.

(Jessica, I know I still owe you a meme. I'll get to it. Promise.)
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