Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Deer In The Headlights

I swear, ever since this whole Blog Thunderdome thing started, my brain is frozen in fear. Or something.

Usually, this place for me is like....well, like coming home from work and shouting "HONEY! I'm HOOOME!" and then you say "Tell me about your day, dear."
Whether you're really listening or just going "Mmm hmmm, that's nice dear" to placate me, doesn't matter. Either way I'm pretending that you're listening.

So I suddenly find myself not wanting to tell. Or more accurately, I can't think of anything to tell.
From the comments over there, people have said "But I couldn't find anything funny about it".
I think they've gotten the wrong idea. I'm not trying to be funny. I'm just trying to share my day with you. So when they say it isn't funny...I hope they realize that just isn't an insult to me.

Anyway, all that was just an overly long preface to the fact that today I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and offering you what was originally a guest post at my pal Janet's, back in September.
Forgive me if it's old news to you, and you caught it the first time around.

I was reading an interesting post quite ago at Genuine's, regarding the community of blogging and more specifically, Dooce. In the comment section I actually saw what he was saying take life...insofar as the dooce-lovers and dooce-haters.

***Don't get your panties in a wad, I'm not getting ready to do any dooce-bashing. Throttle back.

One thing in particular that I noticed was that the ones who love Heather are quick to jump to the fore with "I love her because she blogs for herself, not anyone else."

Really? Is that some kind of new concept?

It reminds me of a blog review that I read, wherein one of the reviewers said that it was refreshing to read a blog that the person wrote for themselves, not the audience.

So, I want to know...what's the distinction?

Who do you write for? For me? For everyone else but you?
I seriously don't understand that whole line of thinking.
Some people have to write. They need to do it. Some people consider it therapeutic (when I first started my LJ, I definitely fell into that category). Some people just have something to say, and this is their forum for saying it. Some people just have nothing better to do with their time.

So, who are they writing for again?

For me, it isn't about how many comments I get, numbers-wise. It's about the people who are leaving the comments. Those people who I can connect with, bond with, interact with. The feedback I get on whether I'm thought to be right or wrong. The support I get when I need encouragement. That's what it is about, for me.

So, who am I writing for again?

Let's face it, people~~I'm never going to have a readership in the hundreds...and that's okay by me. That's never been a goal.

I'm never going to write something earth-shattering, something that will change the world, stop world hunger, or bring about world peace.
There is no "format" here.
There is only me.

I simply share the flotsam and jetsam of my humdrum life, in hopes that you'll have a similar experience to relate.

In blogging for you, I'm blogging for me.
If you should find something amusing...so much the better. I can laugh at me, so you're welcome to join in.
I blog about my life, my kids, my job, my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs...

So who else could I be blogging for, if not myself?

It's all about me.
I'm just sayin'.
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