Friday, October 28, 2005

Getting my comeuppance.

Tomorrow...the Halloween Costume Post...

ME: Daughter, you are going to have to learn to BE QUIET in class! You have a B- in conduct. Your teacher says that you need to be more organized and turn your work in on time...and yesterday morning I pulled THREE pieces of unfinished homework out of your bag. You 'forgot' to turn them in today, even though they were in your backpack. Now they're two days late. What can I do to help you remember your responsibilities?

ME: Your grades are down. You are not finishing your work in a timely manner, because you are wasting time. And 'messing around', as you put it.
How can we fix this?

telephone rings
ME: Yeah?

MY MOTHER: Hey, I was just looking through some stuff today, and I came across your 5th grade report card.
The teacher wrote that you needed to pay more attention in class, and be more concerned with your OWN work than your neighbor's. Oh, and you needed to stop talking out of turn.
And you got a C in conduct. And penmanship.
Just thought you might want to know.

ME: *sigh*

ME: Daughter, I'm sorry.
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