Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flashback Thursday Time!

Bet you thought I forgot, dincha?

No such luck.

But first...
My family members can make me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants.
They're just like me, only worse. (or better, depending on where you're standing)
So far, being the boss of my sister has been pretty fun.
She knows I'll tell mom if she gives me any shit. ;)

On this day in history...

Evidently I used to spend a lot of time posting my creepy, weird dreams.
Evidently I have a lot of creepy, weird dreams.

So here you go:

I wanted to post what I can remember of my nightmare last night.
Kept me awake for a bit.

I don't remember large parts of it...but I guess it was Halloween. I was dressed in some kind of costume with a skirt (that incidentally kept getting caught up in the back of my tights every time I went to the bathroom)(which is a fear of mine in real life)
I was taking my daughter to drop her off at a halloween party at church...and during this time I kept feeling deja vu...and 'remembering' doing the same thing LAST halloween...and being afraid that the thing that chased me last year would come after me again this year.
So I dropped her off at the church, got lost trying to EXIT the church (same as 'last year')...on my way out there was a group of people talking, one girl was saying "This is fucking boring" or something. I was aghast that she'd say that in a church, especially since she said it really loud.
I finally make my way out, to my car...and I'm sitting in my car in the dark parking lot, waiting.
And it came.
Whatever chased me 'last year'.
And it was sort of a guy, with big sharp teeth. All vampire-y.
So I was afraid, but I remembered how far he got last year before I was able to elude him.
So I try the same things again.
And at one point I'm driving fast on the highway, and he's FLYING in front of me, like a bullet almost, and things (rocks? pebbles? I dunno) keep hitting my car like hailstones...
And I remember thinking wow, this is going a lot further than last year.
Eventually he catches up to me, he's on the ground crouched over a body, he's got blood all over his mouth and he casually picks up the hand of the body and crunches on a finger while saying something to me (I don't remember what)...then I think he sort of crawls over to me and says something, I feel faint and he's about to sink his teeth into my stomach, and I said, "What was that? I didn't hear you"...then I dreamed that I woke up, and I clearly remember thinking "That's the last time I read Stephen King before bed" (which in reality I hadn't done") and then the living room lamp went out, and there was something blinking red on top of my refrigerator (which I can see from my bedroom), and I remember thinking "Oh, that's just the light I got from the halloween party..."

Then I woke up for real.
I dunno if I dreamed that (or parts of that) before...I HAVE had recurring dreams in my life. But I feel like I did dream some of that before.
It is so scary to dream that you wake up...especially when you can REMEMBER blinking your eyes, and having specific thoughts.

Now I laugh every time I think of that guy just crunchin' on that finger like it was a candy bar...
And I can completely see myself asking "What was that? I didn't hear you" to someone about to kill me.
I'm excellent with the stall tactics. ;)
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