Friday, September 23, 2005

OKAY OKAY! I'll tell you...

...but first...

Quote of the Day:

"That which we abhor in others is often a true reflection of our inner selves."

I'm just sayin'.

So, about Thumper and me and our nights together...
While it wasn't physically as h-h-h-ot as my night with FTS, cerebrally it was FAN-freakin'-tastic. :)

You know, I realized that I rarely look at the sidebars of the blogs I visit. I get in there, read the posts, leave a comment (sometimes), and I'm off to the next.
But one day several weeks ago, I decided to prowl around a little...see whatchall (there's the Okie in me comin' out) had to offer, what cool links I might find.

I know that many of my blog-friends are aspiring much talent!
I know that Michele has been published, and I'd dearly love to get my hands on some of her work~but I don't know how to find it. I know that Goody is going to be published, and I'm eagerly awaiting that day as I've been privileged to read some of his work and I love it. I so enjoy Megan's short stories, and if there were a book of 'em I'd get 'em. And so many others that I would list here if I weren't so damned lazy.....
But as many times as I've been to visit Thumper previously, I guess I hadn't really understood that she is an honest-to-goodness published author. Upon learning this little factoid, I rushed to to see if I could find her. And I did. And I added her books to my wishlist.

Then, a great day arrived.
I checked my mailbox one day, and guess what?
I must interject here A BIG THANK YOU TO THE PERSON WHO SENT THEM~you know who you are...and will remain an anonymous source unless or until I get a green light to share that info.

So naturally, I did what any normal person would do...put my kids to bed early, climbed into bed with the books by my side, and dove right in.
And stayed up all night reading.
And I have a new author to add to my favorites.

Intense, fast paced, with an underlying thread of subtle humor that I loved.
HIGHLY recommended reading. guys were expecting some other kind of story, weren't you?

Hey, remember when...

DOPE meant something completely different?
As in "You're a..." as opposed to "Wanna buy some..."
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