Sunday, September 04, 2005

Breaking bread together.

First I have to give a big *SMOOCH* to FTS, and I encourage you to visit him for his version of our meeting. It is so much more...detailed...than mine was. :D

Sunday mornings are a hectic time in the Monty household, as we rush around getting ready for church. Sometimes we even forget to eat a good breakfast before we go (which can be a tragedy, as one of our pastors does love to preach. And preach. And preach some more. But we love her anyway. Even when our stomachs are growling loud enough for people around us to hear).

In my humble little (Free Methodist) church, we take communion the first Sunday of every month. Today, as we readied ourselves to take the wafer and grape juice, I was reminded of my daughter's first communion.

We left the altar & came back to our pew, where my little girl turned to me with wide eyes and said, "Hey mom, after that, I'm not even hungry anymore!"

Suddenly, neither was I. :)
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