Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stuff & Nonsense

Quote(s) of the Day:

"If common sense is so 'common', why don't more people have it? Isn't that the implication? I think we should begin calling it increasingly rare sense."

"I cannot be anything other than what I am."

See? Not just a pretty face. I think about junk sometimes.

Ever get the feeling that you're really catatonic in some mental institution and that the life you're living is just some elaborate creation in your mind?

Oh...yeah, me neither. I was just askin'.

A half-dozen things about me...not even very interesting things.

1. I am terribly shy.
2. I work hard to overcome that.
3. I don't care much for people in general...except for you, of course.
4. I am frequently weepy and emotional, even when I don't have PMS.
5. I am naive and cynical at the same time.
6. I am pessimistically optimistic~I hope for the best, expect the worst, and am always surprised at the outcome.

Search Terms of the Week...

Monty's Steak House (C'mon everyone, steaks on me!)

suck me bitch .com

10 signs she's a bitch (Oh, I can think of WAY more than 10)

bitch sex (I wish I was having ANY kind of sex)

littlest pussy bitch

There appears to be a lot of bitchiness going on lately...
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