Saturday, August 20, 2005

I must try to be humble...

...and say that it is a true honor just to be nominated.
Thank you and hugs and sloppy tongue kisses (okay, not so sloppy, I don't like that) to whomever showed the incredible intelligence and good taste saw fit to nominate me.

I love you. :)

Now I'm off to go do some voting. I can't vote for myself...not that I would. For real. I mean it.

My goal for tomorrow is to get through my ENTIRE blogroll...since I won't have time today with the birthday/roller skating party this afternoon that will bleed into evening and make me miss my Saturday viewing of Big Brother.
Try saying that without taking a breath.

And speaking of being humble...
My daughter keeps me that way, because she's so good.

I'd left the kids alone (yes, yes I did~but my mom was home next door so shut up) so that I could go to the bank.
I called home on my cell to check in...

ME: Everything okay, baby doll?
SHE: Yeah, everything's fine...where are you?
ME: I'm at McDonalds waiting for them to bring out the food, it's taking forever. *gasp* OH NO! I FORGOT TO ORDER YOU SOMETHING! (yes, it was a joke. I did not forget)
SHE: *pause* That's okay, mom.

Damn I love that kid.
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