Friday, June 03, 2005


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the Guest Posting...every single one of your posts are fabulous in your own individual way.
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I've still got more to come in the days ahead...

Inappropriate much?
Why yes, thank you, I am.

You know that filter thingy betwixt brain and lips? Mine is, and has been, in a state of malfunction since...oh, about birth.

Wednesday was my Grams' funeral.
We were sitting around waiting to be led into the chapel, everyone chat-chat-chatting away.

My uncle (from whom I inherited my sense of humor, my bitchiness and sarcasm) was behind me talking to my mother.
He had a little map of something, and was pointing things out to her.

HIM: There's the old house, there's where the new house will be, here's a little park area, and two dykes right here...

okay, this is where the filter thingy completely gave up the ghost
I turned around and butted into the conversation: "I think they prefer to be called lesbians."

Well, Mom laughed, anyway.
He just looked at me.

I blame it on the brain surgery he had a couple years ago. When they removed the tumor from his spinal cord, I suspect they also took a large part of his sense of humor along with it.

If I had three wishes...

I would wish that I would get to have sex sometime before the year is out.

I would also wish that that sex would be with the celebrity of my choice.

I would further wish that that sex with that celebrity would occur on a four week Caribbean cruise.
Although it would have to be a Disney cruise, because they entertain the children & could keep them out of my hair for half a minute.

DREEEEEEEEAAAAMMMSSSS...Dreams dreams dreams...

I'm off to go have naughty fantasies now.

God bless the Evil Empire of WAL-MART and their $1.86/gallon liquid gold.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our next Guest Post!
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