Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy International Blogger's Day!

but first...
I guess the sequinned, sparkly glove didn't fit.

Today is the celebration of bloggers, by bloggers, for bloggers.
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Now, in agreeing to participate, they ask that you post about...well, blogging, today.

I thought I'd just say a few words on what I get out of blogging. The reasons why I keep doing it.
I started blogging just to say what I have to say, in hopes that someone might get a laugh now & then or might offer a bit of sympathy if I were in need of some. I didn't really expect to have many readers, nor make so many friends.
This is really a...Fluff-N-Stuff blog, if you ask me...rarely do I post anything particularly meaningful or earth shattering.
But rarely do I say anything meaningful or earth shattering in real life, either.

So why do we keep blogging?

We find friendship.
We find compassion.
We find laughter..and tears.
We find support and encouragement.
We find an audience.
We find adversaries who become lovers.
We find true love...our soulmates.
we find incredible artistic talent, whether it be writing, painting, music, or any other art.
We find tragedy and heartbreak.
We find joy and celebration.
We find birth and death, weddings and divorces.
We find wishes, hopes, and dreams.
We find sarcasm and humor, we find hate-mongers and sad stories.
We find mystery and intrigue.
We find knitting patterns and recipes.
We find cats, dogs, bunnies, horses, and hamsters. And the occasional goat.
We find left-wing/right-wing/conservative/liberal/radical/democrat/republican/independents
We find religion.
We find whackos and nutjobs.
We find idiots and assholes.
We find information, education, and knowledge.
We find boring people who appear to have never had an original thought.
We find boring people who are just truly, exceptionally boring.
We find self-styled (pseudo) intellectuals who fill their posts with $10 words that, once you dig through the whole mess of claptrap and double-talk, really don't say much at all.
We find annoying morons hoo think it iz kewl 2 TyP lYk ThIs.
We find CEOs and SAHMs.
We find truly brilliant people.
We find mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, cousins...and so on.
We find music and movie reviews.
We find sex, drugs, and rock & roll.
We find some awesome porn. Or so I hear.
We find the occasional troll.

Mostly, we just find each other. We forge bonds and friendships, dislikes, crushes, hatreds...

...and the thin threads of our commonalities are knit together into a unique, interesting, and beautiful (if somewhat warped and off-center) pattern.

Blogging. It makes the world a little smaller.
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