Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Having a lousy time, wish you were here..

Okay, so the plastic-faced Burger King guy and Quaker Oats guy are really creeping me out.

On the home front...

So the three interviews I had that one day last week...OH. MY. DAMN.
What a crock. Tell me this...if you went to an interview that was hiring for an account exec. at an advertising firm, what do you think the job would be like?
Not what I thought, obviously. Guess what it was?
Set up and display for some weird product I'd never heard of.

And two interviews with management companies for a manager turned out to be...CLOSERS. For crap's sake. Why didn't they just say that in the beginning and save us both the time? I don't WANT to be a closer. I don't LIKE that kind of job.
I walked out of the third interview as soon as I heard the word presentation.

Don't get me wrong~~a job is a job. And some people are most excellent at that sort of thing...natural born salespeople. I'm not one of 'em.


I had a most wonderful interview on Friday.
If you're the praying type, say one or two for me.
If you're not...cross your fingers & toes for me.
I don't want to jinx it...but the interviewer liked me, and also said that I was personable and likeable. He seemed interested in what I had to say, and luckily the job opening is for something that I truly know down to the ground. Plenty of experience, and good ideas.
I was on, baby. I dazzled him with my brilliance.
Well, something like that.

Then I had to come home and take a nap, because being all 'perky' and stuff takes a lot out of a person. :)
Meanwhile, the search goes on...

In the news...

Five year old girl gets handcuffed and arrested.

I admit the whole handcuffing thing is over the top...but I can't disagree with the school for calling in the cops.

I feel two ways about the issue.
First and foremost, I think the child needs to be thoroughly evaluated, because there could possibly be a serious medical problem involved~~whether it be a chemical imbalance, autism, or some emotional disorder.

However. (and this is the part where many of you will want to burn me in effigy)

IF IF IF the child's behavior is NOT the result of any medical condition...

Then maybe an 'arrest' and a ride in the back of a cop car will be a deterrent to future abusive and/or criminal behaviour.
"SHE'S ONLY FIVE!" you may shout at me.
Yes, and that's old enough to begin to know right from wrong, acceptable behaviour from unacceptable behaviour.

What I really find most disturbing is that Mom is suing the school, and the cops, and probably everyone else she can think of.

Her attorney says that Mom, Child, and Vice Principal had had a "conflict" before, and Mom believes that the child was just 'acting out' against the VP this time because of a 'personality clash'.


That's sooooooooome personality you've got there.

Mom was called to come to the school to do something with the out of control child...and gee whiz, mom couldn't make it. Or wouldn't. Didn't.

What was Mom doing? Working? Okay, sometimes you can't get away from work~~as a single mom, I TOTALLY understand that.
Was Mom at home? Where was she? Why couldn't she go to her child?
Can we prioritize a little bit here?

Why does a 5-year-old learn to punch, kick, slap, destroy? Don't tell me that kids just do that sort of thing, because I don't buy that.
Mine don't. And didn't.
I didn't. My siblings didn't. I can't think of any of my family or friends whose children try to punch, kick, or even raise a hand to an adult, or authority figure.

Had I ever raised a hand to an adult...I can't even imagine what kind of punishment I would have received. It would never even have occurred to me.

So, not that I want that little girl to be sick or anything...but I lean toward wishing it is a medical condition that can be treated.

Now an Okieland town is having a big ol' debate about a children's book, and whether it should be shelved in the children's section of the library or the adult section.

I believe the book is called "King and King" or something like that.

Queen mommy tells Prince son that he must marry...

And he chooses another Prince.
You get where I'm going, right?
One picture shows (sort of) the two men smooching...only you don't see their lips touch, because there's a big heart blocking that portion of their faces.

So some parents are in an uproar, and want the book shelved in the adult's section so that parents can make the decision on whether or not their children read that book.
Other parents say that's censorship, it's a kid's book, and should be in the children's section. Parents can decide whether they let their child check out the book, but the kids would still have access to it.

What do you think? Where do you think the book should be shelved?

Regarding the Wendy's brouhaha with the fingertip...can't they just call in some of the CSI guys and get some DNA samples to match? :)
I prefer the Vegas CSIs myself...
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