Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Flabbergasted, dumfounded, and (nearly) speechless

but first...
Imitation is the sincerest form of...deliberately working Mommy's last nerve.

At first reading I was piiiiiiiiissed. Then I laughed. And wrote a really long, carefully thought-out reply, in typical Monty Manner. *snicker*
I do hope this font of wisdom enjoyed reading my reply as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What am I talking about? I'll just fill you in...
I have an ad up on a personals site, most of you know this. It has been, for several months, unavailable. Which means that should someone respond to my ad, they get a little message saying that this user is temporarily unavailable or some such.

The ad begins with "Who am I?" and offers a plenitude of information. It carries on to "What am I looking for?" and even MORE information.
The very last line is:
My dislikes:
Liars, cheaters, slackers, abusers, alcoholics. I'm pretty sure I've already dated you guys.

Here is a message that appeared in my mailbox today from a 52-year-old dentist, complete and unedited.

"Hi you are beautiful! There is no point in you and I talking at all. I just wanted to give you some advice on your ad. I think you should delete that last part about liars, cheaters, and drunks, I am sure I have dated you. When you said all you did in your ad, and ended with that, we men can figure out that you have dated our types before, and we also know that means you have been around that block several times. We conclude that means that you have had all the wild times you want for now, and are trying to find a man that is nieve enough to not understand and live happily ever after with you.

I am not trying to be hurtful at all, I am just trying to tell you something from a man that has been around that block many times with women that hate liars, cheats, and drunks. It always ended up in bed.

Really I am just trying to give you advice that is true from the way we men see things! Either, don't be so revealing to we men and hope for the best, or just be completely honest and hope to find a man that is tired of playing also.

I do hope you reveive this in the manner in which I meant it.

I do wish you the very best! "

What manner did he mean it to be? Insulting and offensive, or does he truly think he's being a nice guy?
D'you think I should be offended? Would YOU be offended?
Or do you think my last line DOES imply that I've 'been around the block several times'?
I did include in my reply to this a-hole guy that I'd be sure to let him know how many people share his opinion...
*wink wink*
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