Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Day Of Remembrance

Ten years ago today...

...I heard the explosion when our Federal Building was bombed by a madman.

...I saw the cloud of smoke and dust in the air from several miles away.

...I turned 27 years old.

...a bomb threat was ALSO called in to Children's Hospital, where both my children were residing.

...Mommy went a little nuts on the hospital staff for refusing to evacuate.

on a lighter note..
A Thing Of Beauty

...backpacks a-bouncin', curls a-bobbin', faces wreathed in smiles; my daughter and friend Sarah skipping down the sidewalk hand in hand, celebrating the sheer joy of being.

Hello, my name is 'Monty' and I'm a blogaholic.

I swear I almost passed out yesterday from the lack of blog reading and writing.
I had to tie up my computer with FAXES all day yesterday...but on the upside I sent my resume out to about a zillion people...which produced 3 phone calls today. :)

I must confess that I nearly stopped faxing TWICE in order to get online and read what's been going on with you...but in the interest of finding gainful employment, I managed (barely) to resist. Please congratulate me for the heroic effort.

So get the dirty underwear off the floor, I'm coming your way. And yes, I would love some coffee.
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