Thursday, March 10, 2005

Licking your wounds... perfectly acceptable.

Licking someone else's, that's quite a different story.
In the Okieland Newsie this morning, there was an article about a basketball(I believe) coach who actually licked the scab on one of the player's knees.

Now, I'm a mommy, as such I am perfectly able to wade through blood, poo, throw up, and snot without batting an eye...but even I have my limits.
For crap's sake.
So the coach has been suspended and has to take some blood-pathogen training classes.

What the hell was going through his mind?

And to Michael J....take an effin' aspirin and get over yourself. And get dressed while you're at it, freak.

I am attempting to switch my comments over to haloscan, but for those of you who know (and love!) me, you are aware that I'm a total idiot when it comes to all things technical.
So please forgive me if it doesn't work just right just yet.
I'm workin' on it.

I thought I had some interesting things to say...but evidently I was mistaken. I will have to re-trace my steps today to see if I can locate the lost thoughts.
Wish me luck.
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