Thursday, March 10, 2005

Good Morning, Glory!

Well, it's morning somewhere in the world.

I meant to add this to my earlier in re-tracing my steps I have so far managed to find one lost thought.

Okieland Newsie...
It seems that the new, cheap "HIGH" currently in fashion is...eating Morning Glory seeds. Yep, the flowers. From the little packets of seeds that anyone can pick up anywhere flowers seeds are sold. Wal-Mart. TLC Gardening Center. Horn's Supply.
Word on the street has it that the Morning Glory seeds produce a hallucinogenic state, somewhat comparable to LSD. (oh great, now my blog will be popping up on GOOGLE whenever someone's surfing for dope)
What I'd like to know is...who ate these seeds in the first place, and why?! Who was sitting around one day, thinking, "Hey, I'm a little hungry after smokin' all that weed...these are some weird-ass lookin' sunflower seeds...oh well..."

So you Green Thumbs be warned...when you get ready to plant your lovely front gardens you'll have to go look for that guy on the street corner...y'know, that guy near the alley, with the long coat, whispering, "PSSST! You wanna buy some flowers? Got a dime bag here...on sale for a quarter."

On another note...
Today I discovered that it takes me approximately 2 hours to get through my entire blogroll...and that's without leaving comments in most cases.
But I read more than just the top post.

I'm just sayin'.
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