Friday, February 11, 2005

On that sugar high...

My horoscope for today:
Testy? Cranky? Who, you? Just because the planet in charge of your sign just so happens to be Mars, the ancient god of war? No way. It's not that you're irritable. It's just that 'the opponents' -- those of us who happen to inhabit the extra space in your world -- are just so darned uncooperative. Don't take any guff from these intruders. Put 'em right in their place.
See, I KNEW there was a reason that I was getting annoyed with people for breathing my valuable oxygen today

in other news...

What a lovely Friday~my daughter has just arrived home from school...and...yes, it was VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY DAY! Tho' why they had it today when V-Day is Monday is somewhat beyond me. Oh well.

NOW I have the ever-so-pleasurable task of going through the goodie bag. YIPPEE! It's almost like Christmas time.
Naturally, I pick out all the good stuff first. Becca can have all the Nerds she wants, BUT THE HERSHEY'S KISSES ARE SOOOO MINE.

Hello, Twinkie, you're looking marvellously yummy today.

I wonder what my son will have in his goodie bag? The anticipation is almost too much to bear.

Another interesting newsie item today...
It appears that even monkeys will pay for porno. In a study, it turns out that a large portion of apes willingly gave up their reward of juice in exchange for the opportunity to ogle pictures of female ape bottoms.

Who funds these studies, anyway?
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