Friday, February 04, 2005

Fridays just aren't as much fun as they used to be.

Ever feel like you've just won the Lottery? I do!
The Shirley Jackson-type Lottery, I mean.

It's not so bad, really...after the first 8 or 10 stones they don't hurt so much. But I sure wish I'd've gotten liquored up before the drawing.

I guess now I can't say I never win anything, eh? ;)


So, my kids' birthday is next week~~they'll be 10 years old. Well, a week from this coming Sunday. Where o where has the time gone!
At this time of year I always think about the circumstances of their birth...I won't bore you with the whole long tale...but sometimes when I say they were borth 3 1/2 months early, people just don't comprehend that. Or they think I meant to say WEEKS, not months.
Putting it into perspective a kids were BORN on February 13. (yes, I had a lovely Valentine's Day in the hospital). They were DUE on June 4th. That's a looooooong stretch. I just remember that every year, and then I thank God for the
miracles that are my kids.

One thing is certain: I am NOT, repeat NOT having another damned ol' birthday party at my house this year.
Last year I had 8 kids plus my two, and it took 5 adults to keep them entertained (and OUT of stuff~like mischief). I did thank my lucky stars that only ONE of the kids was a real brat, y'know, the kind that never ever ever listens? If I'd have been his mom, there were a couple times I'd've yanked him up & swatted his ass.
(yeah, I'm a spanker, so what?)
The kids all had fun, anyway, so I guess the party was a success.
Goodie bags for everyone, they got to pop balloons with their little bottoms to win prizes (took FOREVER to get those little slips of paper in 'em)...we played a cool Fear Factor game in which I made them all eat gummy worms without using their hands, chocolate covered raisins that I told them were chocolate covered boogers, and they had to chase all that with a shake (bananas, apples, raisins, strawberries, grapes and vanilla ice cream) that I told them was rabbit poop and animal guts...
I also had a litter of 10 2-month-old puppies in my backyard that we brought in to have puppy races with.
They loved it, not surprisingly.

But Mommy was well-worn and exhausted by the end of the evening. PLUS we had 4 girls sleeping over.

I think I must've been possessed to allow that to happen.
But it did teach me a valuable lesson, and I will NOT repeat that mistake. Parties should ALWAYS be held ELSEWHERE, especially since their birthday is in FREAKING FEBRUARY and I can't send the little heathens outside.

This year...I'll send some cupcakes to school, I think...and allow JUST TWO girls to come sleepover. THAT IS IT. No party. No games (except maybe Twister). No fuss, no muss.
Call me a mean ol' Mommy if you like...I say I just know my limitations.

Speaking of my kids...
Sometimes being a single mother with a disabled kid is very...challenging. I think I'm going to have to start doing some weight-training. My son is only 42 lbs, but DAMN if it isn't getting tough to get the little creep out of the bathtub. He's heavy.
I'm just grateful that he's so small for now.

Now I really MUST go shave my legs, as I think dreadlocks have begun to form. I'm worried that soon I won't be able to get my pants on over them.
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