Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A blog by any other name...

If I don't get my computer back soon, Ima have to change the name to the TWICE WEEKLY BITCH. *sigh*

Quick Question: Okay, so I sort of admire Kirstie Alley for making light of her situation (the weight gain over the last few years)...but REALLY! Why does the media treat her as though she's the only woman to ever get fat, fah crap's sake?!?
I find her whiny voice WAY more annoying than anything else, even when she was thin~ much like Cameron Diaz's voice, which always makes my ears feel as though someone has just scratched their fingernails on a blackboard.
Hell's bells, Jenny Craig should hire me to do commercials...I'll bet I work a lot cheaper.


I must offer my apologies to my dearest Janet, as I'm sort of playing Devil's Advocate regarding one of her most loathed pseudo-celebs, Joe Rogan & Fear Factor.

I do understand Janet's general disenchantment with Ol' Joe...but in his defense I simply have to say that despite the fact that he's packed on some poundage of his own since the show's inception, he's managed to learn how to serve up a little 'tude of his own. His snarkiness level is definitely on the rise.
On a recent 'BEST FRIENDS' Fear Factor, he really gave one team of girls a bad time (which they richly deserved), telling them that they were the worst contestants in the history of Fear Factor. Ol' Joe poked fun at them, harangued them, tried to shame them...and they still wouldn't complete the stunt.
They really were bad.
AND on the currently running "COUPLES" Fear Factor, it is nice to see Ol' Joe take shots at the contestants, when they start complaining, or whining. Perhaps he's finally growing a personality.

Now, in theory I agree with Janet about the whole concept of the show. The aspect I personally enjoy is...well, purely motivated by the voyeur in me. And a healthy dose of malicious delight in watching people make utter fools of themselves.
It amuses to me to see exactly what people will do, and put themselves (and sometimes Significant Others!) through for the princely sum of $50k.

Not me, no way, nuh-uh!

NOw for a MILLION bucks...

That puts me in mind of that old joke...oh, you know the one:
Guy sits down next to a pretty lady at the bar, buys her a drink, & says, "Would you go to bed with me for a million dollars?"

She blushes prettily and breathlessly replies, "Why...yes."

The guy comes back with, "Okay, would you go to bed with me for $10?"

Incensed, the lady stands up and says, "Of COURSE not!! What kind of woman do you think I AM!!"

The man replies, "I though we'd already established that, now we're just settling on a price."

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