Thursday, January 13, 2005

Well hell

"A step forward is a step in the right direction...unless of course you're standing at the edge of a cliff."~aka_monty

HULLO my friends! I have missed you so. Thank you all so much for your sympathy, and for coming to check in with me now & again. I appreciate it~~makes me feel loved (or tolerated, at the very least).
I hate not having a computer (did I mention that already?). You'd think with being forced into 'real' life instead of my online persona, I'd have lots of things stored up to say. I don't. Probably because I haven't had time to touch base with my online friends, and quite frankly, that's where most of my good ideas come from.

Today's offering is a "MOMMY" sort of thing (don't groan, and stop rolling your damned eyes!). You'll like it. My daughter is funny. So shaddup & read.

This is from Christmas time, a story my daughter had to write for class.

My Christmas with Santa

On a chilly Christmas night, I was up in bed waiting for Santa. It was midnight and I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I heard a noise. It was the sound of reindeer hooves. I jumped up out of bed and went to my window. OUtside of my window I saw Santa. He came in through the door. He said hi to me, and then he asked me to help him give gifts to everybody. I said yes, but I have to ask my mom first. He said OK, so I went into my mom's room and asked her if I could go. She said it was okay to go with him. So, I went back in the living room and told him she said OK, and he said good. So we went outside and he let me ride on his reindeer, and we delivered all of the gifts to people. When we were done he brought me back home, and for being such a good helper he gave me a Harmonica.
The End.

Rebecca, age 9.

My daughter is so low maintenance, God love her.

THIS report had to be written because, why else, she was tattling. *sigh* My daughter sometimes thinks she's the behavior police.


Tattling is not nice, and it is wrong to do it all the time. You have to work and not tattle on other people, because if you do, you might get in trouble from your teacher, and she might have to talk with your mom, and then your mom might ground you. That would be no fun for you at all, because no T.V., no computer, no going outside to play with the dogs, and no playing with your friends. Your desk might have to be moved out into the hall, or up by the teacher's desk. Work is more important than tattling.

Rebecca, age 9.

Poor baby! The teacher told her to write down everything she could think of about tattling...and after reading this, I felt sort of like an ogre. BUT, at least my daughter knows that disobedience brings consequences. Now, if MORE parents taught their kids proper behavior, AND if the teacher insisted on good behavior in class...Becca might not NEED to tattle, eh? Leastways that's what I think. Hmph. So there.

For the misogynist in you...a joke.
Q: What is every man's fantasy?
A: To see his girlfriend's body on the cover of Playboy, and his wife's face on a milk carton.


Now I must run to Norman's blog, as I have a sick sort of attraction to him. Then I'll visit the rest of you. *smooooch*
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