Wednesday, January 05, 2005

'Tis the season

Once again that time of year is upon us...that time of year when aka_monty must effect a minor(?) personality change and attempt to be *gulp*...pleasant to the customers.

You guessed it: GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME. *sigh*
What I don't do for my children, God love 'em.

In an effort to boost sales for my own little Girl Scout (featured below) as door-to-door sales are NOT encouraged anymore, I take the little order form to work, have my GirlScout make a little bread-&-butter sign, and sell sell sell.

Oh, by the way...THIN MINTS, anyone? Order NOW! ;)

Of course, this means being nice to the customers. Sometimes I actually use this as a bargaining tool. One of the few I like, Robert, gains a promise from me every year of ONE WHOLE WEEK of niceness for every box of cookies. But I have to tell ya, if he orders 10 boxes again this year, the deal is so off.

My little joke on them is that when I have to make nice-nice, it is definitely gushy, syrupy, and saccharine.

Today one of my most UN-favorite people was ordering her cookies, and I looked up and bared my teeth in (what I thought) was a fairly good imitation of a smile.

She looked...well, I'd have to say frightened is the word I'm looking for.
But it all worked out okay, because then she added 4 more boxes of cookies to her order.

My Girl Scout (out of uniform! 10 DEMERITS!)
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