Monday, January 23, 2017

Lost In Translation II

When I said: "Agree to disagree."
What I meant: "You are still SO VERY WRONG but I'm bored of you now."

When I said: "Have a blissful day!"
What I meant: "Ignorance is bliss and you are a ginormous ignorant assclam."

When I said: "I can't even!"
What I meant: "I'm fixin' to cut a bitch."

When I said: "Of COURSE it's not about you!"
What I meant: "Of COURSE it's about you!"

When I said: "I HATE EVERYONE."
What I meant: "I HATE EVERYONE."

If I made crayons, they would be named "Depression Blue" and "Hot Flash Red" and "Bitter Envy Green."

One thing Nicole and I discovered on our Haunted Road Trip Adventure is that NO TOWN is too small for Dollar General. No, srsly.

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