Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Now THAT'S What I'm Talkin' About

You all know how I like The Free Stuff.
Books, Clorox cleaning products, skin care regimens...I love getting them all, whether I review them or not.

So of course when one of my friends said, "HEY, sign up for Influenster because FREESTUFF," naturally I hopped right inside that bandwagon.

Remember a few months ago when I colored my hair? It was my first #VoxBox from Influenster, and I was very excited.
Until weeks and weeks and weeks went by and the only other thing I'd received was a tiny package of even tinier Carefree panty liners, which frankly were too embarrassing for me to be bothered to write about.
(Okay, so maybe I just procrastinated and forgot to write the review because REASONS)

But then.

I got a #SunshineVoxBox.

The box was filled with products by brands that I'm not only familiar with, but that I use regularly, so I was excited to try these particular products.

1. Please note the empty wrapper for the Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds, as I ripped those open and poured them into my face like a hyena with a fresh kill. The Sriracha flavor was good, but my heart and tastebuds are still pwned (do people still say pwned?) by the uberlicious Soy & Wasabi flavored Blue Diamond Almonds.

2. I've been using Vaseline lotion products for many years, so I was happy to give this new product a try. It's a SPRAY ON moisturizer. It's so nice and quick to be absorbed with a light, fresh aloe scent. Spray it on, smooth it in, DONE. Also very inexpensive, so I can afford it even on my practically nonexistent budget.

3. I've been fascinated by the thought of "witch hazel" since I first read about it in a book when I was very young - it was used in that book as an antiseptic. WITCH hazel. I thought it meant that it was some magical witchery made with a spell to help your cuts and bruises heal quickly. (I still like to think that)  As a teen I used a couple of versions of witch hazel as a toner but it made my skin dry.
Nowadays I generally use the dry cleansing cloths that foam up when you wet them (I won't say the name but it rhymes with shmoyl of schmolay)...but these Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel wet cleansing cloths are great! They make my face feel cool (especially when I'm having a perimenopausal hot flash) and fresh, with a barely-there scent, and best of all they do NOT make my skin feel tight, dry, or itchy.

4. I was very happy for the Sinful Colors nail polish - as you can see from the photo, this is my go-to brand. They even sent me a color (called Southern Belle, bless your heart!) that I'd've totally picked out for myself. As you can see, the new color looks fab on my thumbnail. The other one (called Sugar Sugar, which is weird as it's dark red and sparkly, but whatevs) is my regular summer toe color.


5. I've never used leave-in conditioner before (I have twins, I've barely had time to wash my hair some days, let alone condition it) so I was looking forward to trying the Infusium23 leave-in treatment. Except I have this weird thing about my hair and anything that makes it feel greasy or crunchy or heavy.  The Infusium was a little thicker than I thought it would be, but it smelled good and I tried it in both damp and dry hair and it helped smooth the fuzziness somewhat.  The directions say that you can reapply as needed throughout the day, but when I used it more than once a day my hair did not feel good to me. This may just be due to my personal hair issues. It is a very affordable product and I will probably purchase it, since it is helpful on days when I can't condition in the shower.
Verdict: RECOMMENDED (if you don't have a weird hair thing worse than I do)

6. There is a coupon in the #Voxbox for a free package of BarkThins snacks - involving a deliciously intriguing variety flavors of fair trade dark chocolate...the closest place I can find that carries this brand is Target and I just haven't had the time to get there lately, so I can't tell you if these are good or not -- but chocolate covered pretzels and dark chocolate almond with sea salt and choco-covered pumpkin seeds...I can only see myself giving these a big thumbs up. However, until that time:
Verdict: UNKNOWN

THANK YOU #Influenster for this most excellent treat!

**crap I have to say: All the items were provided free of charge by Influenster via VoxBox. My opinions are definitely all my own because I SAY WHAT I WANT.
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