Thursday, July 09, 2015

Big Ol' Mess of Crap

I noticed someone came here from didn't even know that was still a thing! I used to be a member but I sort of forgot about it when my blogging started to wither on the vine (DAMN YOU TWITTER & FACEBOOK!). Anyone else still use that place? I just visited and now everything says "Pin It" and "Share." Someone came to be from Blogshares this week as well -- I never figured out how to make that work, exactly. I would never cut it on Wall Street.
I liked it better when we just had a button on our sidebars and we went blog-hopping.

Speaking of blog-hopping, remember how we'd daisy chain when reading blogs? I'd click one of the blogs on your blogroll, then one of the blogs on THAT blog's blogroll, ETCETERA ETCETERA ETCETERA (you totally just heard Yul Brynner's voice, din't you?).
Good times. I miss those days.

One of the hardest realizations - for me, for my friends (and for you and your friends too, I bet) - is that when you're raising a disabled kid, you simply aren't going to be able to live a 'normal' life - whatever that means. Try not to take the little things for granted, parents. And stop judging other parents because you have no idea what they might be dealing with.
Also? READ THIS - it says what I feel. I mean it, go read it. We'll wait. YOU DO WHAT I SAY.

Speaking of kids, Josh accidentally bit me on the arm when he was having a seizure the other day:

I can tell you THAT SHIT HURT. #WoundedInTheLineOfDuty

1. Sometimes I am overcome with self-pity and petty jealousies...then I feel embarrassed and ashamed for it, even though no-one else knew. I AM MESSED UP.
2. I often feel like I've lost my sympathy, because sometimes my life is a Series Of Unfortunate Events. What I need to remember is that sometimes yours is too.

When I read stories about the Texan who saw the sign that said "No swimming" due to a large alligator in the area who shouted "FUCK THAT ALLIGATOR" right before he jumped in and was subsequently killed by same, or stories about the dumbass who got killed launching fireworks OFF HIS HEAD...all I can think is natural selection.

I AM SO TIRED OF HOT FLASHES AND WAKING UP WITH MATTED, SWEATY HAIR every morning! It looks like a dog's ass on my head. #PerimenopauseSucksAss

I've unfriended/been unfriended by a couple of former friends (two people I've known longer than just about anyone else) who suddenly became obnoxious, hateful, and unreasonable - and the only reason I didn't block them is because I know they stalk my facebook page and I want them to always remember how fucking awesome I am. #SayonaraLosers

That is all.
Have a day.

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