Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mea Culpa

For the record: No, I did not unfriend or FaceBLOCK you.

I just wanted to quietly take some time away from The FB because my work productivity was suffering - I AM WEAK. I admit it. I tried to just log out and leave it alone, but sometimes I accidentally clicked the FB icon instead of the eBay icon and then it would automatically log me in and then YOU PEOPLE WOULD SUCK ME IN WITH YOUR STUFF AND THINGS.

I didn't want to make a big Thing out of it with one of those dramatic "Goodbye cruel Facebook world, I must away to sweeter climes and find myself!" posts that people do (and annoy the EVERLASTING SHIT out of me with their pretentiousness, by the way)...so I just did a temporary deactivation is all.

I am sorry to all my friends texted or emailed to ask what they'd done to piss me off/offend me/make me block them -- I truly had no idea that the "temporary deactivation" button would make it seem like you were blocked.

Anyway, I've (re)located my motivation and I'm getting my work groove on. Please only do and say really irritating and uninteresting and stupid things until I get back. Save the good stuff for me.
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