Sunday, August 24, 2014

Things I Wanted To Say

Just a fun little exercise in which I relieve the pressure of Not Engaging and point no fingers.
(#NINAY Lisa)(heehee)(I knew you would ask)

1. You haven't heard from me because sorry, I can't bear watching you make the exact same decision over and over again when it's destroying your life.

2. I question the state of your mental health.

3. You actually are an idiot in a good disguise.

4. Grow up and get over the one-upmanship. This isn't high school, that ship sailed about 30 years ago and it's very unattractive.

5. There comes a time when you have to stop dressing like you're still in your 20s. You're not actually as cute as you think you are.

6. Stop gender-neutralizing your "friends" when you talk about "them" because that's always a dead giveaway.

7. I only ... creatively answer a little bit so I wouldn't hurt your feelings, because you are important to me.

8. Your ability to turn even good things into whiny complaints has made me wash my hands of you.

9. If you're promoting the message of hate and intolerance while calling yourself a Christian, you aren't one. Period.

10. It hurts my feelings a tiny bit when you go out of your way to publically thank people...except somehow never Me. Ridiculous of me to be hurt, but nonetheless, it does.

11. None of these are about any of you.
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