Monday, June 09, 2014

This is....SPARTAN!

Spartan racing, I mean.

You guys know I'm pretty lazy - well, I *used* to be athletic (hum a few bars of Glory Days here) - but now I get most of my sports on the teevee because I am old and arthritic in addition to that lazy thing.

But I have friends (I know! Friends! It surprises the hell out of me every day too!) who actually like to "do stuff" and "participate" and blahblahblah, and I guess you guys are the ones I'm talking to now.

Reebok puts on these fun races called Spartan Races.
The length and number of obstacles vary - there are different levels from "hey, I just heaved my fat ass off the couch" (well, I'm paraphrasing a little there) up to "LOOK AT ME BITCHES, I'M KING OF THE WORLD!" (again, paraphrasing)

My friend Sean and some of his friends have actually participated in some Spartan races and he has signed up for several more -- so I have it on good authority that even though some levels of the race can be tough and exhausting, they're fun - especially with friends along.

                          Look! You get a medal too!

What's cool is that you can do this with family - because they offer Spartan Kids races as well! With so many schools dumping their Phys Ed and sometimes even Intramural sports programs, I can't think of a better way to teach your kids about fitness and instill a little healthy competitive streak too. They'll have fun, get dirty, and get fit all at the same time!

There are Spartan sprints, an entry level, something called a Trifecta (which looks awesome but totally hard), all the way up to a ‘99.9% need not apply’ extreme level Death Race.
NOW LISTEN UP - here's the best part: I have a code to give away FOR A FREE RACE!  It's a one time code for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any 2014 Spartan Race in the continental US.
ALSO! I have a code that will give you 10% OFF any Spartan Race 2014! (this link has a schedule)

So now you have no excuse - a chance for a freebie and a discount!

All you rock climbers, Warrior Dashers, Marathon runners, obstacle course lovers...Let me hear from you!

*****UPDATED: Sorry, I gave away the free race code, but anyone who plans to SPARTAN UP can use this code for a 10% discount off: SPARTANBLOGGER

(Disclaimer: I am receiving NOTHING for posting this advertisement. They asked and I posted because
1. Fitness + Fun = Good times
B. For about 20 years I wore nothing but Reebok classic white leather sneakers - you know, they were plain white with just a logo thingy on the side? And every year the logo & lining were a different color. I can't find those anymore, which is sad, but maybe Reebok will take pity on me now and MAKE THOSE AVAILABLE AGAIN? PLEASE?
C. Sometimes you just do something because you want to. Plus also I could totally keep the free race code for myself if I wanted to. But hey, I'm all about the readers getting something good. I'm totes unselfish like that.)
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