Thursday, May 01, 2014

Spicin' up your life

They can't stop us; we're on a mission from

Blues Brothers fan will totally get that.

A quick review:

The nice folks over at sent me a sample of CHOLULA Chili-Lime Hot Sauce to try (and PS: my opinion of this product is my own - I *was* given a free sample, I *was NOT* given any direction as to what I should write).

I don't really buy a lot of hot sauce - when I do it's usually that kind that comes from Louisiana #IfYouKnowWhatIMean. Mostly it tastes pretty vinegary and burny to me.  I don't really know the difference between hot sauce and tabasco sauce...although my pal Jay in Montana is some strange aficionado - I'm fairly certain he owns every flavor known to man.

I wanted to give the Cholula Chili-Lime a fair chance, so I decided to try it on every meal in a day.
Breakfast - I put it on my scrambled eggs...DELICIOUS.
Lunch - I put it on my hamburger...OUTSTANDING.
Dinner - I put some on my pork chops AND a bite of mashed potato - YUMMY.

I like it because it's got such a tang, the lime and the chili flavors both come through so I don't get that vinegar taste, and it's just warm enough. The heat sort of comes up after the flavor and lingers a little, it's not OH HI LET ME SCORCH YOUR FACE OFF hot.

If you want to jazz up your next meal and add a bit of heat, I recommend the Cholula (they have other flavors too - next, I'm trying the garlic).

OOOH, and think how good this will taste in a Bloody Mary.
Get .75 off coupon too!

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