Thursday, April 17, 2014

You will be ASTOUNDED at what you read in this post! #UpworthyStyleTitles

Okay, I'm not much of a giver. Usually it's because I don't have anything to give...but to be honest, even if I DID have stuff to give, I probably wouldn't because I'm thoughtless like that. I mean if you need something or want something that I've got, I will most likely say "of course! Just take it." If you ask for something and I have it, I will give it to you. But too often it doesn't occur to me to just GIVE something.

On the other hand, I try not to be too much of a taker. What I mean is - if you give me something, I will be surprised and deeply appreciative, but I don't expect things (unless of course it's my birthday and then I certainly expect you to sing me a birthday song or possibly do a little dance).
I don't like to ask for stuff (especially help, as my family and closest friends can probably tell you).
The point is - I end up getting a lot more than I give back.

Since I know what a struggle it is every month around my own household, just getting by while running my own tiny business (PS GO LIKE THIS PAGE! Click the links and SHOP SHOP SHOP! SHARE the posts!), I thought that maybe I could give a little by offering a little free word-of-mouth advertising for my friends who also have little business or ventures.
These are people with whom I've actually done business, or used/purchased their products, or read their books, or know personally in "real life".
So I'm vouching for them, their products, and their excellent service. You should bookmark these and go back often (and this too!) Give them a little support, if you can.

Trust me. No, really.

Like fun vintage clothing, shoes, and costume jewelry? Visit my friend Jaclyn's Etsy store.

Make your house smell fantastic with Scentsy warmers and delicious scents - talk to my pal Deejay!

I know some of you are foodies and loooove to cook, so if it's fun and hella (do people still say hella?) useful gadgetry you want, holla at my friend Melody for Pampered Chef goodies!

Looking for some awesome books to read? One of my favorite couples in the world both write - completely different styles and subjects, but both are brilliant at what they do: read Beyond The Bridge by SK Waller for a rockin' rock & roll story, and So Faithful A Heart (the love story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang Mozart) by Lynette Erwin for some actual, interesting romantic history.

If you're redecorating and need some wonderful artwork, may I (strongly) suggest you visit Neil Kramer and Megan Gordon? Because their photographs are completely different in style and completely stunning. Your walls will thank you, I promise. I have artwork from both of them and get lots of compliments.

Speaking of photographs, if you're in the Virginia area and need some absolutely gorgeous family photos, I highly recommend my very talented friend Kimberly. Go look at her portfolio too - she's amazing.

My friend Ed has written 5 (FIVE!!) books about New Orleans history - if you want to get to know NOLA, then Ed's your guy. He makes the history lively and interesting! Go get a book! (I'm particularly fond of the one about jazz)

Looking for something lovely to read to your child at bedtime? My friend Corey Feldman (NOT the 80s actor)(although it would be cool if that guy was my friend too) has just the thing - a series of books about Egret The Elephant.

Some of my most treasured books were written (and AUTOGRAPHED JUST FOR ME ONLY!) by my long-time blog friend Karen. The books written by her cats are even funnier than her own books. You should read them all.

The lovely Heather and Angie keep my skin smooth and smelling good with their delicious homemade sugar scrubs - and if you fancy fancyin' up your garden, they have some excellent garden pallet signs!

I do love me some Mary Kay products (they have some dermabrasion stuff for your face that makes it like SILK!) - and my friend Karmen can fix you right up with everything you'll ever need to keep looking young and fabulous.

If you're an old-time blogger like me, you've most likely heard of Golfwidow's Ministry of Silly Walks blog. Clever and funny, Golfwidow aka my friend Sondra has a funny, fabulous book you should buy!

If you want to get some permanent makeup - lips, eyebrows, eyeliner - then you should talk to my friend Crystal. I haven't had it done myself (because BOC BOC!), but she's trained and licensed and I've known her since about 5th grade. I would trust her to do it if I wasn't a needle-coward. She'll also make your skin awesome with a chemical peel or microderm abrasion.

I'm quite certain that I've accidentally left some people off this list and for that I'm sorry - I can only chalk it up to being old and forgetful. I have trouble remembering nouns. I say things like "go get me the thing by the dealie." So please don't take it personally, and send me a message and I'll advertise your business too. xoxo
(passive/aggressive PS: or maybe you don't ever engage with me or give me a "like" every now & again so that's why I forgot about you. Is all I'm saying)
(aggressive/aggressive PPS: or maybe I just don't really like you)

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