Saturday, August 03, 2013


Just One Paragraph

I guess blogging is sort of like writing with pen and paper - if you don't do it often, you sort of lose the knack. I mean, you don't forget how to make letters just like you don't forget where your fingers go on the keyboard, but it feels awkward and messy. So maybe this '1 paragraph per day' challenge bring a little life back to my imagination...I write plenty of blog posts in my head while showering every day, but by the time I towel off I'm all "MEH, I'll type it later" and then it never gets done. So we'll see. I'm just excited that I've managed three days in a row without forgetting...although I have to admit that I've got a post-it note reminder. Although the success of the post-it hinges on me actually READING the note. Well anyway, Day 3, in the bag. Go me.
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