Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Two things.

1. HALP. My blog is broken! The comment service I used to use is defunct. It has ceased to be. It is dead (I'm not dead yet! - OH YES YOU ARE). Can someone please help me find/install a new blog service or at the very least put blogger.com comments back on this custom template? Because I am DUM.
(P.S. EMAIL ME since clearly you can't leave a comment. Doy.)

2. I have always said I'd NEVER (no never!) have advertisements on my blog but seriously I don't think it counts if I'm advertising my family business. Right? RIGHT?
So please, please, please, go to one of these sites and SPEND SPEND SPEND!
For reals we've got some awesome DESIGNER CLOTHES (lots of them are NEW! WITH! TAGS!) for low low (super)low prices.
Check 'em out.
Then bookmark them for later, because new stuff is added every week!!
Also? You'll be putting food on the table for my kids and who wouldn't feel good about that??


My Bargain Couture


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