Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't make me Klout you

Say what you will about Klout - I LOVE THE PERKS.
There are plenty of Klout haters...I actually know someone who hates them because they use a "K" instead of a "C". I find that moronic because to me it would be like hating my friend Karl because his parents decided to spell his name with a "K". I mean SERIOUSLY? And have you even noticed the ridiculous spellings people are saddling their poor kids with nowadays?
Some people hate Klout because their score is too low. Or too high. Or whatever.
I don't understand the analytics or how they figure your 'true reach' or 'amplification' ...and what's more, I don't care. I'm not in the top 1000, and likely not even in the top 10,000. I don't care about that either.
In fact I think anyone who places so much importance on "internet popularity" is self-delusional anyway.
But what I DO care about is GETTING FREE STUFF.
Who doesn't like free stuff??

I'm a single mom (and poor) on a down-to-the-penny super-tight budget. I can't afford to buy much stuff just to 'give it a try'.
Like the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair that Klout just sent me. Did you know that stuff retails for $15-$20?? I would never spend that kind of money just to TRY something - I mean that's like 2 whole chickens for roasting plus some fresh veggies on the side, in my budget.
If it works, and I'm happy with it and it does what it says, then I would be willing to invest the money and maybe give up one of my few indulgences, like the just released book I am often compelled to buy - I would (try to) wait until I can get it at the library (maybe).

Plus I've gotten MOO cards, Lipton tea, Subway sammiches and hopefully some more good stuff will come my way soon. Best of all, I'm not required to post about any perks or review the products - I can if I want but there's no obligation (in case I forget, which often happens).
So THANK YOU KLOUT, keep those perks a-comin'!

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