Monday, November 15, 2010

I may become an iPad fan yet

So I've mostly pooh-poohed the idea of the iPad - I mean sure, they look really cool and fun to play with and stuff, but did I NEED one? No. I've got 2 pcs and a netbook. I can't afford an iPhone or any kind of smart phone, but I haven't really noticed that I'm missing out on anything except playing Angry Birds or word games and frankly I don't have time for that anyway.

But then today, I saw that the iPad has apps for disabled kids.

I teared up at the thought that after 15 years, I might finally be able to communicate with my non-verbal son.
Maybe for the first time, he could actually TELL me that he's hungry or tired or has a headache. That he's thirsty, or angry.
For me, that's nearly impossible to hope for.

I think about 95% of people probably take for granted the ability to communicate with their children. To ask and be answered. And to be quite honest if I had "normal" kids I would be in that same 95% (PS I just pulled that number out of my ass, I have no statistics to back it up)
I just wish my boy could tell me where it hurts, but he can't.

SO! My goal for next year is to save up for an iPad, even though I have done WAY more than my fair share of eyerolling and being secretly resentful over the thing. It's going to be hard on a budget that barely allows for a splurge of a paperback book once a month, but I think I can do it.
Too bad I'm not one of those "popular" mommyblogger types who gets everything given to them for free (HINT HINT, APPLE PEOPLE).

This could change EVERYTHING.
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