Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear My Blog:

Hello, you.
I've missed you. Have you missed me?
I gave myself some advice today - sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and start over.
I guess that way a person can see where she might have strayed from the path.
I mean really, that just sounds like good common sense, right? But I surprise myself with the propensity for doing things the exact same way even if I didn't like the outcome the first (or second or third or even fourth) time.

So, my blog, my friend, my pal, remember when you and I started together, back in LiveJournal land? So much ANGST! ANXIETY! PRESSURE!
Those were the Zoloft years.
I'd forgotten how much you smoothed my rough edges.

So I thought I'd tell you - because hey, we all need to hear it, right? - some of the reasons I love you, blog.

1. You never criticize me. Which is good, because you ALSO know how much I don't like to be criticized. Even if it seems like I'm taking it well, I'm really NOT.

2. You always allow me to share my feelings, good and bad, and never once have you told me I was wrong to feel that way. You don't interrupt and you always let it be all about ME, if that's how I want it.

3. You don't analyze me, you don't pick me apart, and you're never mean on purpose. You let ME be mean on purpose though, and I really love that you don't judge me for it. Well, there have been a couple of disapproving looks but I knew you just did that for form's sake.

4. No matter how badly I screw it up, you never hold it against me. You comfort me instead and help me realize that next time will be better. You make me feel better instead of bad about myself.

5. You let me vent, cry, laugh, snark, yell, complain, swear, talk about sex toys and cleaning products and chocolate fried pies...and you always let me be exactly who I am.

Blog, it's good to be home. And remembering why I moved in here in the first place.
Oh, and thanks for not moving without telling me, like my parents did that one time.
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