Friday, May 29, 2009

Mamapedia. Like a wiki, only better.

Now THIS is a cool site. I was VERY happy to get the opportunity from Mom Central to review Mamapedia.

This place is FANTASTIC.

I'm really not much of a "joiner" when it comes to online communities and such, but I really loved cruising around Moms who've BEEN THERE can offer you advice, help, whatever. There is no limitation on what you can find: makeup tips, book clubs, church activities... find local groups of moms that want to knit or have disabled kids or support groups... single moms and DATING (OH HELL YEAH!)... mom's night out... weight loss & exercise... going back to work after years of SAHMdom... if you can think up a question, someone can help you find an answer.

After 14 years with a severely disabled kid, I wouldn't mind the chance to GIVE some advice, some help, some support, to other moms.

It's really easy to search, to surf, and takes 3 seconds to sign up.

Seriously, whether you're a new mom or an old mom like me (or even a grandmom), check out Mamapedia. It's NOT just another online community.
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