Friday, March 20, 2009

My First Aid Kit

I LOVE when Mom Central lets me try new products from companies with whom I'm already familiar... and I LOVE me some Neosporin!

They have a cool new SPRAY ON antiseptic/pain reliever... I told my daughter to go run around outside until she fell down and scraped something so we could try it out.



She's clumsy like her dad with his big ol' clown feet that she inherited.
HEY I'm just saying.

Luckily *I* managed to walk into the doorframe as usual and scratched my arm.

The pain-relief part of the Neosporin REALLY WORKS.
I've been using the neosporin ointment for years...FINALLY I tried the cream also and I am just as happy with that - moreso, when I need somewhere that might get on my clothes.

The cool little "ToGo" spray on Neosporin is VERY EXCELLENT. Prevent infection AND ease the pain all at the same time. No way to go wrong there.

If you don't use Neosporin, you should...especially if you're clumsy. Or maybe...not so coordinated in the kitchen. This stuff eases the burn sting as well when you get get spattered with hot bacon grease.
Or so I hear.
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