Friday, January 23, 2009


See, this is why I'm a terrible campaigner. And person.

I totally forgot the most important thing yesterday!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the person(s) who nominated me in the Okie Blogger Awards!

Can I kiss your ugly baby?

one more little thing...

This is JUST MY OPINION, and I am not trying to influence anyone else, but I've really got to say it:
I noticed that there are some blogs nominated in the Okie Blogger Awards which have won in the past - or at least been runners up - who have never even acknowledged the existence of the awards.


I also KNOW that they are aware of the awards because people leave the info in the comments.

**sidenote: those bloggers also do not follow me on twitter, nor have they ever responded to any attempt by me to engage them in dialogue. I AM LIKEABLE, DAMMIT!!

Those bloggers will not now nor will they ever get my vote.
Is all I'm saying.
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