Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ultimate Meatballs!! NOMNOMNOM

Okay, so a lot of you know I don't cook.
That is not to say that I CAN'T cook - actually I'm quite a decent cook when I put my hand to it... I just DON'T.
See, my mom lives right next door and she cooks 'most every night for my dad & brother, and there's always plenty so...only a moron would turn that down, right?
And my mama didn't raise no fools.

Also? NO CLEAN UP for me (well, not much anyway, because mom has a dishwasher and I don't), which is a total BONUS.

But then the ladies at Mom Central offered me the chance to try the Ultimate Party Meatballs!
I said YES because:
2. MINIMAL dish-dirtying, which also means minimal clean-up.

Last year my friend made some meatballs for the Superbowl party, and when she told me the sauce was made with chili sauce and grape jelly I was all EWWW.
But? They were pretty darn tasty.

The Ultimate Party Meatball recipe is very similar, and EVEN YUMMIER.
Instead of grape jelly, it calls for CRANBERRY SAUCE. Got some left from Thanksgiving because you forgot to open it & put it on the table (and REALLY, who EATS that stuff, anyway?)? Get some delicious chili sauce, mix it with the jellied cranberry goo, and soak your balls heat up the meatballs in the sauce.

A little tart (heehee, I said tart), a little sweet, and a little heat.

PERFECT for holiday dinners, New Year's Eve parties, Superbowl parties, lunch on Wednesdays, whatever.

Easy peasy, takes very little time and effort (SCORE!), and tastes delicious.

TRY IT. You know you want to.
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