Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Gift Idea #2!

oooh, you know how I loves me video games - I can often be found with my daughter's Nintendo DS playing Pokemon.
I don't ALWAYS trump up some offense so that I can ground her from playing with it so that *I* can use the game...

When offered the chance to test a new game, well, you know I jumped right on it.
The kids really loved the first Madagascar movie, and although we haven't had a chance to see the second one yet, I'm guessing they'll like that one too. But THE GAME! OH, it's fun. Luckily I grabbed the Madagascar 2 game first to try it out...the beginning is fairly easy, with short steps to get to the next level. It gets more complicated as you get further into the game - there was one part that took me FOREVER because I couldn't get the zebra to balance on the pole, but of course my daughter zipped right through that.

Also, she's gotten a lot further(farther?) than I've managed to do. I liked it because it has little mini-games in certain places in each level; again, they start really easy and a little boring but do get harder as you go.

Not only can you get the game for the DS, you can get it for Playstation 2 and even Wii!

It's fun, the graphics are good, the games get a little more challenging at each level and you can play using different characters with different's just what we like around my house.
Get your kid one for Christmas, and you can thank me later.

ALSO!! I have FOUR sets of character DOG TAGS (each set contains four tags - one each for Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Alex) that I will give away to the first four people who COMMENT HERE & tell me you want one.
HURRY UP so I can get 'em out this week before Christmas!
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