Monday, August 25, 2008

Some things which are of no particular importance.

Quote Of The Day...

In the Great Paragraph Of Life, I am usually out of context.

Yeah no, I don't really know what it means either.
But it sounded really smart when it was in my head.

So let me take a moment to mention that the voting is OPEN at Hot Blogger Calendar!

Yes, I consider it an honor to be nominated; no, I am not campaigning for votes (although, you know, if you vote for me and I win there could be something in it for you. Maybe).

I was reading on blogs and on Twitter all about how stupid the contest is and how "hot" is so subjective and how some of the people nominated were really very far from hot and how if "I were nominated I would SO ask to have my name removed" and how "this is a joke, right?" and blahblahblah.

How those people could even speak through the mouthsful (mouthfuls?) of sour grapes, I have no idea.

I say... sometimes, things are just for fun.
I say... I'm JAZZED someone liked me enough to nominate me.
I say... There's more to being HOT than just looks. (Obviously. I mean, Ms. America I ain't. And plus also I'm mean and sort of rude and occasionally have a fucking foul mouth, so I'm not going to win on personality. How the hell did I end up on the list anyway?) (OH yeah, bribery and sex. Don't try that at home - it's for professionals only).

If you don't like it, don't go to the site. But also, don't run your ever-flapping lame-hole about shit when you haven't even bothered to check it out.
Is all I'm saying.

If a hooker tells you that you look like such a professional, it's only polite to tell her she looks like a real pro too.

OH. Did you miss the All-Dedication Show on Friday?
Too bad. It was great.

But you can listen to the podcast, I GUESS:

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