Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going Green with the Pearly Whites!

I just have to say that I LOVE it when Mom Central gives me practical, needful things to try!
PLUS I get to save the environment. Because, you know, that's what we superheroes do nowadays.
Crap. I've just given away my secret identity.

So I got to check out this cool deal from Recycline Preserve in the form of - RECYCLED (and recyclable!!!) toothbrushes.

I was glad to be included on this blog tour because EVERYONE needs toothbrushes - and let me just say that some people I know need to develop more than a nodding acquaintance with one, because EW - and these are made from recycled yogurt cups.
Totally worth setting aside the spin brush - these toothbrushes have BACK-curved handles which were actually easier to use on the back teeth than those 45º front-angled ones.

Here's the best part: when you're done, send the toothbrush in its box (hahahaha! I just typoed "bocks" right there!) back to Preserve.
Your plaque-y, disgusting toothbrush gets recycled into plastic lumber for picnic tables and the like.

Important stuff to know: Target stores carry the Recycline Preserve toothbrushes for only $2.04. And if you go to the Preserve website you can print COUPONS as well as the mailing labels you'll need to send in your brush when you're done.

So my teeth are clean and sparkly AND I'm helping to use fewer natural resources.
And DON'T LET THE WATER RUN while you're brushing.
Is all I'm saying.

(OH and PS: Recycline Preserve has OTHER STUFF TOO, like razors, flavored toothpicks, even kitchenware and plates & cutlery!)
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