Monday, June 16, 2008

Why I don't read so many blogs anymore

I hope nobody takes it personally (although I know you will), because these are completely MY issues & shouldn't take anything away from you.

Why I may have stopped reading your blog:

1. I didn't stop reading it at all, I just use a feed reader & don't have time to comment very often - but I still love to read it!

2. Your "voice" has changed and I no longer feel like I have anything in common with you.

3. You have three or more posts whining about how nobody loves you anymore (because you got only 20 comments for a couple of days instead of the usual 40 or so).

4. You choose to curry favor with the "popular" bloggers.

5. You refer to yourself as a "popular" blogger or "blogebrity" or any of those other ridiculous terms.

6. You no longer entertain me.

7. I'm sorry, WHEN did I last see a comment from YOU or even your IP address in my stats?

8. Maybe I just found out about the "real" you, and I don't like you anymore because you're a total fake and possibly even a liar.

9. You regurgitate the same three posts over and over again, just changing the wording.

10. You've had 37 "epiphanies" or "self-realizations" over the last two or three years, but you've yet to do a single thing about ANY of them - although you keep saying that you're going to. YAWN.

11. Your blog is filled with videos and no real content. Plus also, all those videos take way too long to load and I have a short attention span.

I'm sure some people will choose to misunderstand - but I'll say it again anyway: there's nothing WRONG with any of those things on the list. I'm not trying to tell you how to use your blog. Whatever works for you is what you should absolutely do.
These are my issues only - don't try to make it all about you. This time, it's about me.

...because bad should always be balanced by good...

A Short Round-Up
(randomly selected by the tried and true "close your eyes and point" method)

A Top 10 list of "Daddages" can be found over at Golfwidow's place. Winston writes a naked haiku. WOO!

DeeJay shares a list of highlights from her SAHM years - I strongly suggest you look through the posts and check out her beautiful baby granddaughter as well. Brian writes a beautiful tribute with his usual eloquence (and also, yesterday was his birthday, so stop by & give him some love!).

Trollbaby talks about putting frogs on fishhooks and shooting tin cans. I think you better not get on her wrong side. :) Hilly seems to be feeling partly cloudy today.

My grandpa liked buttermilk with cornbread in it, just like Miss Anne - and like me, she likes the idea of sensory deprivation. My soulmate Mike Doe is hanging out with big-bosomed model-types (as usual) whilst taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Neil goes back to his roots and discovers that people really ARE crazy there. PS You should visit him often - he's one of my favorite storytellers. And last but not least, my pal DawnieMom created this site, which is absolutely perfect for getting things off your chest when you don't want anyone to know it's YOU.

That is all.
Have a day.
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