Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sometimes...all I need is the air that I breathe...

Summer is upon us, grass is growing, trees and flowers are blooming...mold and pollen counts are UP.

You know, I never had problems with allergies until I had kids. I never had problems with my teeth and never even had a coldsore until I was pregnant.
Kids just suck the life out of you. :)

Wait. That's a-whole-nother post.
Anyway, allergies.
My son's are TERRIBLE. He's allergic to so many things - his dairy allergy is so severe that if even kiss him right after I've eaten ice cream it makes his skin break out in welts.

ALL times of the year are hard on him, the tree & grass & pollen and mold counts cause him endless stuffy/runny noses, achy heads, coughs. We can't have an indoor pet. There is no smoking allowed in my house.

But my house is VERY old and of course lots of dust and allergens from the outside filter in around the cracks of the windows and doors. It's a BITCH to keep these hardwood floors clean, I can tell you.

So, thanks to Mom Central, I got to check out the website for American Standar Air's AccuClean Air Filtration System.
It's got a nifty feature where you put in your zip code and it'll help you choose a system that's typical - and works best- for your area. You can choose the heating/cooling system that you already have, whether it's electric or gas, and American Standard Air will show you your best options.

Apparently it's an air filtration system of components that works best with your heating & cooling system to filter out an amazing 99.98% of unwanted particles & allergens from your filtered air, throughout your entire home.

And if you've got kids like mine who suffer from poor health due to prematurity, who are susceptible to SO many illnesses, you might be interested to know that a Harvard-led study recently proved that American Standard AccuClean™ removes over 99% of the common flu from the filtered air in your home.

Unfortunately I don't actually get to try it out (damn shame, it is), I suggest that you check out the site yourself, especially if you're thinking of replacing or upgrading your current heating/cooling system.

I would.
And you know that right in the middle of summer, on the hottest day of the year, is when your a/c unit is going to go all wonky - so at least take a look now so you'll be prepared.
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