Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And PS Kathy Griffin started the whole SUCK IT thing a long time ago.

I removed my earlier post because after visiting some blogs I realized that eerily, my post could be taken in the completely wrong context by people I'd never knowingly hurt.

Probably I'll put it back up at a time when several people won't think "BITCH IS TALKING ABOUT ME!", because most likely I wasn't. Or at least, not entirely.

I'm known for my excellent ill timing, of course.

And PS If you people would JUST TELL ME EVERYTHING, that wouldn't happen. Quite so often, anyway.

I would just like to remind everyone (including myself) that just because you read a post (here, there, or anywhere) that tweaks your (or my) conscience, it doesn't necessarily mean that the author had you (or me) in mind when it was written.

I've deleted several emails before I could send them, several tweets before I could post them, several posts before I could publish them.

Apparently I'm having a love affair with Delete today.
That never happens to me.

Sometimes there is more than one villain in a story.
We'd do well to remember the innocents.

"Make no promises when seized by joy; write no letters when seized by anger.” -Chinese Proverb

Which is why Delete and I just became such good friends.

We all have opinions on damn near everything; that's the beauty of blogging.
Sometimes, however, discretion is the better part of valor.
And sometimes offering my opinions is due more to a selfish need to be heard rather than any constructive reason.

Because as much as I'd like to believe otherwise, it's really NOT all about me.
Although it damn well should be.
Is all I'm saying.

Sometimes minding my own business is underrated.

Sometimes being able to vent my spleen confidentially to good friends -rather than here- makes all the difference in the world.
It becalms my mind, eases my heart, and refreshes my soul.

Plus also lets me think about things from different perspectives - and more rationally than I may have done on my own.

So, you know, thanks for that. <3

Condescension, patronization, attempting to make others feel small or ashamed and always having to get the last word in are very, very unattractive qualities in a person.
Hence some of my twitter unfollows.

Seriously, I'm an attention whore, but there are those who make me look like a rank amateur.
Hence even more of my twitter unfollows.

and now for the bad news...

Sorry, there will be no Friday Night Live Show tonight.

Feel free to weep, wail, keen, gnash your teeth, tear at your hair and tell me how much you will miss me.

I have to meet The Sperm Donor at the buttcrack of dawn in Ardmore, which is two hours from my house and about halfway between our respective homes.
So I've got a ton of shit still to accomplish, and I've got to get to bed at a decent hour.

With gas prices so high, it'll cost about the same if I stay in a cheap motel rather than driving back & forth, so I'll have no internet this weekend.

Which sucks for me, but may be a ray of sunshine in the dark for YOU.

Make sure you tune in to Friday Night Live next week, because I'll have a special co-host!'

OH and PS: If any of you are going to be around Ardmore this weekend, holla. Let's have a drink.
And also - since I will have no internet, please text and/or call so that I will be entertained. Kthx.

That is all.
Have a day.
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