Monday, May 26, 2008

I'M NOT DEAD! I'm feeling better! I don't want to go on the cart!

Two imaginary bonus points if you get the title reference.

Wow, it is all dusty and neglected in here! I have no particular reason, except for the normal things like "I NEED MORE TIME!" and "I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY TO YOU!".

Poor little blog.
I think I've given it an inferiority complex or something.

I DO have things to say, but I didn't want to just fill the space with the same old shit regurgitated in different words. BOOOOOORING!

Okay, it may ALWAYS be a little boring, but at least it'll be boring on a different topic.

Although I love, the amount of social climbing, "star" fucking, brown-nosing, and fakery makes me almost physically ill.
Especially when you find out that people you really thought were sweet and caring and...relatively well-adjusted are really NOT LIKE THAT in real life.
In real life they are rude and thoughtless, selfish and uppity. AND LIARS.
And old enough to know better.
SHAME on you. SHAME.

I got an email from someone who said I was "scarily intimidating".
I don't see it.
Am I?
I don't even know what that MEANS.

Apparently (according to the same individual), the person worries that they can't live up to my expectations of them, my expectations of people in general.
What do you know of my expectations?
I expect people to be decent human beings, is all. Is that so hard?
I say what's on my mind. If I'm wrong, so be it.
I don't expect my friends to always agree with me, nor I with them. It's okay to have your own personal opinion and not be a "yes-person".

Just because I have low tolerance for constant whining or being a quitter or your little clique of holier-than-thou pals or the people who think they're the intellectual elite doesn't mean that you're wrong and I'm right although I probably am, it just means I don't like those behaviors or the people who embody them.
If you don't mind, then more power to you! Doesn't mean I can't like YOU.

So give me a fuckin' break, okay? Srsly.

and now for something completely different...

Get your GUILTY PLEASURE-PALOOZA podcast now!

I was 'outing' people left and right, playing the songs that they're embarrassed for people to know they listen to.


Hey, guess what? I got nominated for a Best Of Blogs award, in the BEST PODCAST category!

Could I have your vote, please? There might possibly be wild monkey* sex involved!

And PS You can vote EVERY SINGLE DAY. Is all I'm saying.

*this may mean sex with wild monkeys, unless none can be caught, in which case there might be a secret, stealthy trip to the zoo.
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