Sunday, March 16, 2008


Okay, I'm the first to admit that I have very little knowledge about organic foods - the process that makes products "organic". So when Mom Central offered me the opportunity to review a product from Horizon Organic, well, of COURSE I jumped on it because I really, really, really really love to get free stuff hey, I'm here to do the dirty work for you and guinea pig myself. Because I love you that much. Really.

I did wonder how well the reduced fat milk would travel in the mail...AND I feared that my chemical-laden body would immediately reject anything "healthy", so I did what any good mother would do: I made my daughter try it first.
Just in case.
Don't worry, I made her smell it before she drank it.

It was sort of anti-climactic; she said it was good, tasted like milk. What do you do with that? So I had to try it myself with much the same reaction - it was tasty and fresh and didn't taste like 2% or reduced fat milk, which normally to me tastes like watered-down milk.
This tasted like whole milk, and it was as good as anything from our local "dairy" store, Braum's (and anyone local knows that Braum's has awesome, rich-tasting milk).

If you're a numbskull (like me) when it comes to organic stuff, here's a little info on the Horizon Organic Milk:
It helps support a healthy brain with DHA Omega-3, it's produced WITHOUT the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, or pesticides, it's ultra-pasteurized and has vitamins A & D added.
One thing which seems to be important (yet made me giggle a little) is that they use holistic veterinary medicine on the cows. It just conjures visions (for ME, because I'm uneducated in this area) of a vet wearing crystals, burning incense and playing soothing music for the cows.

ANYWAY, anyway.

The process is healthier for the animals, healthier for the environment, and the milk is purchased from family farms that are transitioning to the Organic way.
Even the whole "making the products" is done with wind energy, reducing pollutants in the air.

See what kind of stuff you can learn from a single carton of milk? It's made me smarter ALREADY!! Also I noticed that if you use the Amazon grocery shopping service, they sell Horizon Organic dairy products.

Are you going organic? You should try this. PLUS ALSO! I have THREE COUPONS to give away to the FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO EMAIL ME, so that you can try a Horizon Organic product (milk, cheese, butter, whatever!) FOR FREE. FREE! WOO!

Feel free to leave a comment, but if you want a coupon, be one of the first three to email me.

BIG THANKS to Horizon Organic and Mom Central for hooking me up.

Got milk? Want some? HOLLA.
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