Monday, December 03, 2007

November Perfect Post Award Time!

The Original Perfect Post Awards

You know that to me, all your posts are Perfect, made so mostly by their imperfection--not necessarily any imperfections in the post, but by the author's imperfection.
Don't take offense. We're human and therefore flawed, and therefore MUCH more interesting. Perfect people with perfect lives are boring plastic and sawdust illusions.
I prefer the real people, who aren't afraid to show the bad stuff without coating it with a glossy veneer to hide the cracks. That's why I chose the post

Dear Mom, by the lovely, gritty, REAL Melody from Shoo Fly.

The post ripped me and made me weep; it showed me Melody's heart.
It also served as a huge reminder that we shouldn't take our families, our friends, for granted--not ever, not one single minute.

Thanks for that, Melody. And thanks for being courageous enough to show more than just your surface face.

so in case I didn't mention it yet...
I love you. Pass it on.
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